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Vakur Gokdenizler
Mr Vakur Gokdenizler


It gives me great honour to be the patron of the Gallipoli Youth Cup, which brings together young and talented tennis players every year since 2008 on the eve of the ANZAC Day.

I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Umit Oraloglu and Ambassador Pat Cash, one of the greatest net players of all time, for their dedicated efforts which make this organization possible. I also extend my sincere thanks to Tennis Australia for their invaluable support.

Gallipoli was the scene of a fierce, but, at the same time, a gentlemanly war, which created a bond of mutual respect and admiration, constitutes the solid foundation of existing Turkish-Australian friendship.

As the Turkish Ambassador in Australia, I am also delighted and proud to see many Turkish-speaking young Australians take their parts in this embracing sports organization which consolidates Turkish-Australian bonds with its strong and meaningful historical spirit.

It is my sincere wish that one of the participants of the Gallipoli Youth Cup will one day claim the Australia Open title in the Rod Laver Arena.

Vakur Gokdenizler
Ambassador of Turkey

David McLachlan
Mr Rob Webster


It is a great privilege for the Victorian Branch RSL to be involved with the Gallipoli Youth Cup and I am honoured to be its Patron.

The establishment of the Gallipoli Youth Cup gives young Australian tennis players the opportunity to not only play the game they love, but to simultaneously commemorate the ANZAC’s and to honour the sacrifice of those brave men and women in World War I, both Australian and Turkish.

The relationship between Australia and Turkey has strengthened over the years in a variety of ways, including through the promotion of sport and education. To have a program which encapsulates both, is a wonderful achievement by the organisers and their supporters, in particular Tennis Australia.

The RSL is also pleased to continue to provide historical presentations to participants, as part of the Gallipoli Youth Cup “School Education Program” to give them an understanding of the Dardanelle’s Campaign, and its significance, to the creation of both modern Australia and modern Turkey.

We are exceptionally proud to be involved with the Gallipoli Youth Cup since its inception and we look forward to more of our Sub-Branches participating in the years to come.

Robert Webster OAM
State President
Returned & Services League of Australia (Victorian Branch) Inc.

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