Pat Cash


Photo's of Pat Cash's visit to Turkey in 2004 - Click photos to enlarge

GYC Ambassador


With the creation of the Gallipoli Youth Cup (GYC), its an honour for me to be the Ambassador of such an historical event.

After visiting Gallipoli in 2004, I always thought to myself, its very important for the youth of Australia, to never forget their fallen soldiers and due to our great sporting culture, this International tennis event, will be the best possible way in giving our youth the oppurtunity to honour our war veterans through ongoing participation and competition in sport.

The aim of the event is to create long lasting friendships between the youth tennis players of the nations that lost soldiers at Gallipoli, such as Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, France, Turkey etc...

As we all know, without Tennis Australia's support, this event would have never eventuated and I believe this partnership will be very successful for many years to come.

I also believe, this event will further strengthen the ties between Australia and Turkey.

When I visited Turkey, I enjoyed my visit in so many ways. I could not believe how historical Istanbul was, it's an amazing city.

The hospitality of the Turkish people was unbelievable and they just love Aussies (must be to do with the Anzac connection that both countries have).

The most impressive experience was the food, you just have to taste the fish at a restaurant on the Bosphorus River in Istanbul.

My visit to Anzac Cove was very emotional to say the very least, and I recommend all young Australians to visit there one day.

Pat Cash

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