• 'Gallipoli' was named by the Anzac force Commander General Birdwood?

  • When Australia went to war at that time, Australia was a new nation, less than fourteen years old?

  • There is a song called - Diggers of the Anzac (This is Gallipoli) by John Williamson?


Anzac Day, 1985, Albany in Western Australia named the entrance to Princess Royal Harbour, the Ataturk Entrance. This was done at the same time as Turkey introduced the name Anzac Cove in Gallipoli. A statue of Ataturk is situated on the southern side of Mount Adelaide, it overlooks Ataturk Entrance.

Photo provided with the compliments of V & H Basarin, co-authors of "Gallipoli - The Turkish Story" - Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2003
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